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Web Access

GW Web Access
(For COIT Corporate & Divisional Employees)


Log in using your Novell User ID and GroupWise Password.

You may change your GW Password by using the GW Client and selecting: Tools | Options | Security | Password.


SPAM Quarantine

COIT Services SPAM Quarantine

(For COIT Corporate & Divisional Employees)


Used to monitor incoming email that has been designated as SPAM.  Also, allows you to release messages and set trusted and blocked senders.

COIT Services Intranet


Get the latest information for the COIT Franchise System.

For access, please contact: IT Support


COIT Franchise Webmail

(For COIT Franchise Employees)


Log in using your email address and password.



COIT Remote Support (IT Techs)


Used to give COIT Information Systems personnel access to your computer for troubleshooting assistance.





Intellisync Mobile Suite

(For COIT Corporate & Divisional Employees)


Used to set options for mobile email.

COIT Webinars

COIT Webinars


You can join and learn by attending training sessions on-line.

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COIT Shopping Cart


This is the e-commerce solution for COIT Divisions & Franchises.  Order your COIT Branded products directly from the source at your convenience.


60th Anniversary Video

Bob's 30th Anniversary Video

Sally's 25th Anniversary Video

GroupWise Client Install

Novell Messenger Client

Citrix Client

SEP 12.1 32-bit

SEP 12.1 64-bit

Inter-Tel Collaboration Player 1.0

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